The Power of a Sponsored Instagram Ad


Being a millennial who is studying and has interned in the advertising industry, the conversation of sponsored Instagram advertisements is nothing new. Some people hate them, some people love them, but with anything in life, you can’t please everyone, right?

Personally, I really hated them at first. They weren’t geared towards my interests, so they just became a nuisance to my feed.

But after Instagram finally settled on a working algorithm for the ads, I actually found myself accidentally liking the pictures and even going to the brand’s page and following them.

The sponsored advertisement pictured above was mixed in with my feed earlier today. And like a majority of the other sponsored ads in my feed, it made sense.

If I had to guess the primary objective of this ad was, I think it’s pretty obvious. The Silk brand came out with a new product, targeted towards a specific demographic, and through a simple picture and caption, they’re encouraging Silk consumers to buy and try it.

In regards to the specific demographic, they’re targeting women who live a healthy life-style, and even more specific, a dairy free lifestyle. They’re also targeting individuals who are already Silk consumers.

As Facebook Ads Guide explains, the second most important piece of an ad is that your business name is the most prominent aspect of the picture, and that is very much the case with the above ad. The Silk name is the first thing you see, no matter how fast or slow you’re scrolling through your feed, Silk made the wise decision of making their name the most important part of the picture because even if you saw the Silk name for half a second, and you’re a Silk consumer, you’re going to stop scrolling to focus on the product.

Silk continued with their strong decision making and created a simple caption, with a simple image. It’s simple, but the brightness and the colors used in the image aren’t overwhelming, but they are very attractive to a consumers eye.

Truthfully, I think Silk nailed it on the head with this ad. Because I’m a consumer who is a woman who lives a healthy lifestyle (well, as healthy as you can be in college…), this ad jumped right out at me. Due to the copious amounts of healthy food accounts that I follow, this ad blended right into my feed, and I would absolutely be willing to try this product.


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