Influencer Pressure: The Good Kind of Peer Pressure

With so many ever-evolving platforms, comes so many users, and with so many users comes a tremendous amount of influencers – influencers that a majority of users aren’t even aware of.

Fortunately for the Bon-Ton department stores, they have such a wide variety of audiences to reach. I say “fortunately” because with a wider target audience, the wider the options, and the more influencers they have to choose from to use to their advantage in order to best and most organically promote their products.


Asking a millennial who is obsessed with all social media, especially Instagram, to discover some strong influencers for Bon-Ton was the easiest, most appealing task that a professor could’ve asked of me.

The target audience that I chose to discover influencers for was women whose posts revolve around health, cooking and the overall facets of a happy lifestyle.

My top five influencers are as follows (in no particular order):

1.) Kristin Cavallari (@kristincavallari)

Bio: Wife, mother, jewelry & shoe designer, NY Times best selling author, True Roots cookbook out spring 2018

Number of Followers: 2.6 Million


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Why?: Kristin would be the absolutely perfect large-scale influencer for Bon-Ton because of how well-rounded she is. When first looking at her page, she has this soft, pastel tone that runs through all of her posts, making her account and posts attractive and consistent. She also incorporates a little of everything in her life into all of her posts, which is wonderful for Bon-Ton because she’s primarily focused on living and a healthy, happy and fashionable lifestyle.

2.) Rosanna Pansino (@rosannapansino)

Bio: Make it sweet to be yourself 🍭 🍪 Creator of @NerdyNummies 🐥 Twitter: RosannaPansino ▶️ 👇 Newest video!

Number of Followers: 2.5 Million


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Why?: Rosanna could be another incredible large-scale influencer for Bon-Ton! A majority of her posts are focused on her baked goods, but she also does an amazing job at ensuring that a variety of other aspects of her life are represented as well. Whether that be her fun and cuddly posts with her dogs, sporty posts showing her yoga health lifestyle, or her getting creative with her friends. No matter what the post may be, she is always wearing such a cute outfit that is true to her identity, which is why I think she’d be a perfect influencer to promote Bon-Ton clothing items because she emphasizes her outfits very subtly, while still being one of the focuses.

3.) Colleen Gallagher (@colleengallagher_)

Bio: Founder of @TheFitGal Health – Life & Style Blogger Twitter/Snap: @ColleenGal Nashville, TN 📍

Number of Followers: 37.8k


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Why?: Colleen is another incredibly well-rounded influencer that Bon-Ton would benefit greatly from. She is a young woman that is fit, hip and happy! Her posts primarily contain her fashion lifestyle, along with her healthy/workout lifestyle, including her posts at the gym, as well as her healthy, home cooked meals. All of her posts have inspirational captions, allowing her followers to feel inspired to be, dress and act like her, which is exactly what Bon-Ton is essentially looking for through their influencers.

4.) Addie Martanovic (@chickpeainthecity)

Bio: health+wellness | yoga+spin 🙏🏻 #chickpeatravels ✈️ taco lover, coffee drinker. ✨ i call chicago home. 🌙 💌

Number of Followers: 45k


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Why?: Addie is, in my humble opinion, one of the absolute greatest influencers on Instagram, and is someone that I have been following for a very long time. She’s actually just a typical college student at Loyola Chicago University, but she’s extremely passionate about living and a happy and healthy lifestyle. Whether that be through her promotions of new foods, new yoga apparel, or new places to visit! She would be a great option for Bon-Ton because she’s very different than any other type of influencer. She’s young and she’s constantly expressing her openness to new things. She is incredibly active on Instagram stories as well, which is where she could capture her live shopping experience at a Bon-Ton department store. Addie’s positivity radiates to her followers, and like Colleen, she would very easily inspire her followers to purchase what she has – I know I have before!

5.) Health Beauty Fitness


Number of Followers: 58.6k


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Why?: Although there is no one designated individual being captured throughout this Instagram page, I think that’s something that Bon-Ton could really benefit from – page’s like this that bring in a variety of identities at once, allowing for a better chance for their followers and buyers to feel “influenced” enough to purchase a Bon-Ton product. This page provides a wide variety of types of posts, which again, is something that Bon-Ton could really take advantage of to ensure that they’re hitting as much of their target audience as possible, and more!



Chicago and Food: Name a Better Dynamic Duo…I’ll Wait.

Chicago, food and Instagram: these are a few of my favorite things.  So, why not combine them all and do some research and figure out the best Chicago food related things on Instagram?

My infographic demonstrates the top restaurants in Chicago according to their popularity, or the number of times they’ve been geotagged on Instagram, the top Chicago food accounts according to their number of followers, and the top Chicago food related hashtags according to the number of posts they’ve been tagged in on Instagram.

I’ve lived 20 minutes Northwest of Chicago my entire life and I was very surprised by the top restaurants in Chicago. Of the top five restaurants, I’ve only heard of and been to two of them, Au Cheval and Homeslice. That said, I’ve made it my new personal goal to go and eat at the other three!

I also follow over 15 food accounts on Instagram (I told you, I love food), and among those 15+ accounts, I only have heard and follow @ChicagoFoodAuthority, so naturally, I immediately followed all of the others, and I must say, I’m already impressed and drooling at their pictures!

10/10 would recommend to check out all of these places, accounts and hashtags! Thanks, Instagram!