Chicago and Food: Name a Better Dynamic Duo…I’ll Wait.

Chicago, food and Instagram: these are a few of my favorite things.  So, why not combine them all and do some research and figure out the best Chicago food related things on Instagram?

My infographic demonstrates the top restaurants in Chicago according to their popularity, or the number of times they’ve been geotagged on Instagram, the top Chicago food accounts according to their number of followers, and the top Chicago food related hashtags according to the number of posts they’ve been tagged in on Instagram.

I’ve lived 20 minutes Northwest of Chicago my entire life and I was very surprised by the top restaurants in Chicago. Of the top five restaurants, I’ve only heard of and been to two of them, Au Cheval and Homeslice. That said, I’ve made it my new personal goal to go and eat at the other three!

I also follow over 15 food accounts on Instagram (I told you, I love food), and among those 15+ accounts, I only have heard and follow @ChicagoFoodAuthority, so naturally, I immediately followed all of the others, and I must say, I’m already impressed and drooling at their pictures!

10/10 would recommend to check out all of these places, accounts and hashtags! Thanks, Instagram!





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