Twitter is your friend!

I was a big fan of Twitter in high school; I basically tweeted everyday (nothing academically related, just your classic high school tweets, such as: “Omg it’s game day! #FridayNightLights). But that love for Twitter started to dwindle away in college as Instagram became more popular, and became my new social media obsession (still is).

When we were first assigned to make 21 tweets throughout a 7-week time span, I chuckled under my breath because I thought, “Wow this will be the easiest assignment ever…free, easy points!” Yeah….no.

Because I was out of the Twitter game for about a year and a half before this assignment, my everyday, natural instinct that I had in high school to check Twitter and tweet at least five times a day had vanished during this assignment.

That said, honestly, I hated this assignment, I just felt forced to do something that really didn’t interest me.

But as much as I hated it, I am very thankful for the lesson that it taught me.


We are college students, most of whom will be graduating within the next few years, which means we’re adults and soon enough we are really going to start having to act like it, which includes being up-to-date on world news, as well as news relating to our field of study.

This assignment taught me how much information and news is being disseminated every single day (and how much I am missing out on), but even further, it taught me that being up-to-date and “in the know” with your news, doesn’t have to be boring.

You choose who you want to follow on Twitter, such as AdAge or CNN, so it’s the best possible platform to get your news from because you’re not being thrown information at you that you don’t care about; it’s truly genius. It also makes getting your news more “fun,” if you will, because it’s interactive, and even if the account you tweeted at doesn’t reply, Twitter is still stimulating deeper thoughts beyond what is presented to you in the tweet or an attached article.

So, thank you Mame for this assignment; I may have disliked it, but I definitely learned something from it.



  1. Angela · April 13, 2016

    I wrote quite a few of the similar things you did, which is great because I also definitely learned to make a tweet a little more interesting–it doesn’t have to be boring. This was a great read!


  2. Hi Molly! I totally agree with your post. I didn’t realize how much I was missing out on in regards to news until I started checking Twitter everyday. It’s definitely a fun and interactive way to stay in touch with the world around us.


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