The Key to Success Behind Content Marketing


Starcom Mediavest Group (SMG) was recently named the #1 media agency in world. Pretty amazing, right?

Having the opportunity to hear from an employee, a recent Marquette graduate that is (*raising the roof motion*), who works for one of SMG’s many internal brands, LiquidThread, was an eye-opening, and extremely informative experience.

SMG and everything that their agency has to offer is nothing short of a success. I mean why do you think I applied to intern for them this summer? Because they’re amazing!

SMG is committed to their clients and they are constantly applying the latest digital trends to all of their brands just as quickly as the trends are popping up and continuing to evolve.

In regards to the media field and the endless list of global media agencies, SMG is an extremely respected company, and to have the opportunity to work for any of their internal brands is about as good as it gets!

Manager of Brand Content at SMG’s LiquidThread, Joe Buzzelli, introduced our class to a whole new world of brand content, particularly regarding how to understand brands, how to maintain relevance within your brand, and how to be the best brand among your competitors.

“Yes, you absolutely need to understand content, but first, and more importantly, you need to understand people.”

I couldn’t help but quote Joe word for word on that because of how beautiful it was – yes, beautiful. It is such a simple thing to remember, yet so many brands forget this. Too many brands nowadays are so focused on developing the most creative content that they forget about their audience, the sole facet and drive behind why they are creating that content in the first place.


During the first stages of creating content, brands need to step back and remember why they are doing what they are doing, but more importantly, who are they creating what they’re creating for.

In order to stand out and be the most successful brand, it’s imperative that brands create stuff that people love and will feel immediately attracted to, whether it be physically or emotionally, or both.

Brands need to fully understand the needs, wants and passions of their audience.

When brands are able to identify their target audience as people, rather than consumers, then, and only then, is when they will truly succeed.


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