The Trendiest of Trends

If you’re anything like me, or have crawled out from under your rock, you have accepted that Instagram is the greatest thing that has happened since Mean Girls.


Slowly but surely, several companies are recognizing the prominence of Instagram as a content platform. Users may have recently noticed those random, sponsored Instagram ads that pop up in your feed, or the companies that are beginning to “conduct” the “Instagram ad train” (One of my many corny metaphors, but let’s go with it).

Throughout 2016, Instagram users should expect to see many more brands jumping on this train. Personally, as someone who is very active on social media, and has become extremely passionate about this field through my studies of media, advertising and brand reputation/management, I am thrilled for this Instagram ad trend to develop even further. Jonathan Long from Market Domination Media claimed, “Creative advertising content on Instagram will dominate the first half of 2016.”

That said, like any other trend that companies try to pick up, it has to be done perfectly in order for it to be effective. The harsh truth in the advertising world, especially when thousands, potentially millions of dollars are being spent on ads, is that it must be done correctly from beginning to end, or don’t do it all.

Plan your work, work your plan.

So…what exactly is this trend all about and what does it mean for brands?

This developing Instagram ad business allows brands to truly create and easily disseminate their brand itself, as well as the brand’s visual identity right into the hands of their current and future clients and customers.

As of recently, Instagram ads have allowed for much more accessibility and interactivity between a particular brand and its followers, clients and/or customers.

There is a price tag attached to just about everything in advertising, but if brands are serious about getting on board with this trend, they can (and should) pay for the option to include links and call-to-action buttons in their posts. The simplicity behind clicking a link or button and being directed to the brands homepage, product or event is one of the best and most beneficial features for organizations looking to increase their market of consumers.

Two more features of Instagram ads that I believe are significant contributions to the success of the ads are the sponsored ads, which are generated from Facebook interests, as well as the fact that these are pictures or videos that people don’t need to go out of their way to see, but have already been implemented into users everyday Instagram use.


According to Adweek, Instagram will be using the same interest-generated technology that Facebook uses. When brands create sponsored posts, those posts will reach a very specific set of Instagram-user feeds due to users interests generating from their Facebook interests, allowing for a “cross pollination” between the two platforms. This feature is an incredibly easy and strategic way for organizations to reach their niche target market.

Another aspect behind the Instagram ad trend, which will make it so successful, is how easy it is for organizations to communicate their brand through one simple picture or video. We live in such a fast-paced environment, especially in regards to technology, that we have become incredibly lazy.

Honestly…I applaud you if you have gotten this far in my blog post considering how much people HATE to read. Unless a headline is telling me that someone will pay for all of my future student loans, I have no interest in reading past the first paragraph of an article or post on any social media. The easiest and quickest way to grab viewer’s attention is through a picture. According to Adweek, a successful brand never forgets the 20 percent rule; there should never be more than 20 percent of text in an advertising image.

All in all, brands are not going to want to miss out on the Instagram ad trend in 2016. Hop on board (my hypothetical Instagram ad train) and let the pictures do the talking!


Signing off…for now.



One comment

  1. Vicki Anjeh · March 2, 2016

    I agree with the idea of staying up to the trends of today. Instagram is slowly but surely becoming a new norm much like Twitter was not to long ago. Also, your blog is adorable…so fetch 😉


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