Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials…According to Me

The Super Bowl is one of the most viewed and talked about television program every year. Why though? Is it because of the two teams playing that particular year? Is it because of the halftime performance, and possibly how horribly wrong it went (cough cough, Janet Jackson)? As a communication student, but more importantly, as a regular human being who likes to be entertained, I think what brings the most attention to the Super Bowl are the commercial ads.

After briefly watching the 2016 Super Bowl, I have picked out my top five favorite commercial advertisements. In no particular order, they are…

Doritos Ultrasound

What better way to sell your product than through humor? Unfortunately, though, like every year with Super Bowl commercials, there is always one, or a few, that is considered to be controversial, and this year it was this Dorito’s commercial. For me personally, I think Doritos did a great job exemplifying their humor and creativity through a short story.

Colgate Conserving Water

Wow. Shout out to Colgate for this genius commercial. I know I said I didn’t have a particular order for my top five, but I think this was my favorite commercial ad for 2016. Rather than throwing their brand in your face, Colgate told a story, appealing to their viewers emotional side. For people like me, who prefer Crest over Colgate, after watching this commercial, I respect Colgate more as a brand, and tbh (to be honest), I would absolutely consider buying one of their products.

Hyundai First Date 

This commercial used a double-whammy strategy by not only using humor, but using a famous person to capture viewers attention into watching the commercial, but more importantly, to draw them into their brand and its products. I appreciate the creative spin that Hyundai took by telling a story while subtly showing off their product. 

Hyundai Ryanville 

I guess Hyundai was willing to spend a lot of money this year by bringing in actors who are very well liked. I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a little man candy…yeah I’m looking at you, Ryan. Hyundai did a great job this year by focusing more on the story-telling tactic, while still subtly bragging about their cars and their special functions. 

Heinz Wiener Stampede

What I liked the most about this commercial was that you had no idea what the commercial was about, or which brand it was going to represent. For me, I believe that that is one of the best tactics to use because it creates curiosity among viewers, forcing them to continue watching, and ultimately (well, hopefully), bringing more attention to your brand in such an easy way! And come on, who isn’t immediately drawn into a commercial with dogs frolicking in an open field? 

That’s all I got for this weeks blog post! Until next time!

Oh…and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Signing off.


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