The Question Every College Student Gets Asked At The Holidays: What Do You Want To Do With Your Life?

Coming to Marquette, I initially had a double major in secondary education and mathematics. I had always been one of those people who knew exactly what they wanted to do ever since they were a little kid, and for me, I knew for an absolute fact that I wanted to be… no, better yet, I was born to be a teacher.

After finishing my second semester of freshman year, I had come to the conclusion that I absolutely, positively, did NOT want to be a teacher, especially for math. It was in April of my freshman year that I had to find a new passion.

It was difficult to accept the fact that what I thought I was put on this Earth to do, was in fact, not at all what I wanted to do. This transition was far from easy, but after doing my research and having long discussions with my family, I knew that I had found a new career path.

After taking multiple PR courses at Marquette, I can confidently now say that I have never been more passionate about something than I am about PR.

When people ask me why I love PR so much, my response is the same every time; it’s simply because I love people, and I love working with and learning from people who are just as excited and passionate about this field as I am.

PR majors are lucky because there are so many jobs that are available under the big “PR umbrella.” For me, I have a list of “dream jobs.”

Down the line, after gaining some PR experience, I would absolutely love to work internally for a company or organization, and further develop its internal communication. Because I am a people-person myself, and an even bigger people pleaser, there’s nothing I want more than to create a working environment where people are happy, motivated, and most importantly, have strong communication among one another.

Another PR area that I would love to work in, which I think is often forgotten about, is event planning. I consider myself a very organized and creative individual, and would love to apply both of those skills in the event planning field. I would love to work for Ryan Alexander Events, a company that plans some of the most featured and recognized events in Chicago.

No matter what job I end up having, one aspect that I know will be a part of my future career is that it will be in Chicago.

Whether I end up working internally for a company, or become an event planner, or end up somewhere I would have never guessed, my PR education will come into play every moment of every day (HA! That rhymed! Maybe I should be a poet instead?). Any-hoo, I am confident that my background in PR, especially regarding relationships, ethics and transparency, will help me with any position that I choose to fulfill. I believe that my strong people skills will play a significant role in allowing me to connect with my clients, and ultimately creating that strong and trusting relationship with them.


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